Southern Beer Tour’s 3rd Anniversary Cask

As you can tell, I was excited about this one.

As you can tell, I was excited about this one.

Southern Beer Tours is turning three years old! We cannot thank you enough for making us your preferred method of enjoying amazing breweries in the Atlanta area. To celebrate, the Woodlands at SweetWater helped us make another awesome cask.


Nick B and I discussing The Process

This year’s anniversary brew uses the delicious Rainy Day Acid Trip Sour, a must-try sour for anyone who has yet to tour the new Sweetwater barrel-aging facility, as the base. For this brew, we removed the hops.


Removing the fruit from the cups and putting them into a cask sock

Then we added pineapple and passionfruit fruit cups to create a delicious, mimosa-style sour.


We call it Nasty Nate’s fruit cocktail, honoring an American film classic.

Come try it on March 11 as we visit Sweetwater, Monday Night, and Red Brick (we’ll have a special beer there too!) Also stay tuned for more information on our after party.