Southern Beer Tour’s Celebrates it’s Fifth Anniversary!

Wow, how time flies! Five years ago we set out on our very first beer tour! Every year on our anniversary we make a cask with SweetWater to celebrate. This cask will be pouring at our March 9th tour. So come grab a pint!


We started with SweetWater’s newest seasonal Peach, Love, and Happiness as our base beer. We couldn’t think of a better beer to represent Georgia and spring!


Our inspiration for this beer was to create a Kentucky Peach Cobbler. We soaked our peaches in Maker’s Mark. And added dried cinnamon bark to our cask.

IMG_0799 (1)


Next up was to go to the lab and grab some lactose sugars to add. This will give the beer some creaminess to round out the flavor.

IMG_0798 (1)IMG_0797 (1)


To finish it up we pitched the yeast, filled the cask, and pounded the bunghole. (its a thing, look it up, but not at work, just in case)

Special thanks to our longtime friend Nick B who has helped us make this cask every year. He is doing great things over in the Woodlands and helps keep that 420 flowing!

IMG_0800 (1)