Mason Tavern


Tour descriptions are below the calendar. Specific calendars available for following tours: Atlanta Brewery Tour, Brewery & Baseball, Sippin in the Suburbs, and Mason Tavern.

Atlanta Brewery Tour

$65 per person. This tour is our most frequent tour. We visit 3 breweries. We do our best to get you in for private tastings and off peak hours so you can have a VIP experience. You can see our scheduled stops on the calendar above. Each tour includes transportation, admission, samples (3 or 4 half pints at each location) at each stop. We also include a koozie, water, small snack, and brewery glass ware (subject to availability)

Pick up location:

Mason Tavern

1371 Clairmont Rd

Decatur, GA 30033

July 30 - Wild Heaven, Three Taverns, and Blue Tarp
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